The Escapers are based in London, UK. We write software for the Mac.

Garry Taylor

Garry 'The G Man' Taylor first cut his programming teeth on Sun SPARC workstations using TCL, assembler, and touching two wires together in a timely manner.

The G Man is very active in the Mac Indie business scene, being responsible for The Mac Sale bundles.

He enjoys fine Scottish Malt Whisky, photography, and cinema. Check out his personal blog.

Moray Taylor

Moray 'M-Unit' Taylor has been a Mac fanatic since a 68030 was 'fancy', and colour screens were considered decadent.

Moray is the lead programmer on Flux and spends most of his day working on new features, fixing bugs, and answering your emails.

When he isn't programming, M-Unit enjoys photography, fine dining and pedantry.

You can read Moray's personal blog here.

Scotch McPurrington

Scotch is Director of Pest Control at The Escapers, but started off as a Junior COBOL programmer for Novell, she quickly found her strengths lay elsewhere.

Scotch also involves herself in community activites and self-help groups.